Friday, September 24, 2010

The baby's perfect ... the gift doesn't have to be

Basket Case

As it turns out some long overdue babies we know may have been waiting for us to get back into the sewing groove to finally make their arrival.

Because as soon as we got the new machine up and running, the happy news started pouring in.

Seeing as how we only had pink and white cuddle fabric in supply, we're a little relieved that the takin'-their-time sprogs were of the girl variety.

Along with the taggie blankets we made for the last batch of bairns, we added a not-so-cute but extremely cuddly bunny to our baby gift repertoire. They were super easy and nearly painless to make.


* 1/2 yard of white cuddle (minky) fabric
* 1/4 yard of flannel
* White thread
* Snippet of ribbon
* Fabric scissors
* Pins
* Poly-fill

THINGS YOU DON'T NEED but may be helpful ...
* Sewing machine
* A non-perfectionist's viewpoint on sewing (The baby is perfect so the toy doesn't have to be ... pay no attention to the atrophied arm.)


Cut two each of these from the cuddle fabric ...


Then cut two each of these from the flannel ...

BabyBun Legs


* Piece each set together so the outside faces in
* Sew the ears and arms and legs around on three sides then turn right-side out ... Fill the legs with stuffing. You can fill the ears and arms loosely with poly-fill or leave them floppy. I left mine floppy, but I sewed a little channel around the inside of the ear to give a little more depth.
* Turn the head/body fabrics so outside faces in
* Place ears and arms in between the two layers, pinning them in place.
* Sew around three sides, leaving the bottom open.
* Insert legs into bottom opening, turn fabric edges inward and pin shut.
* sew straight across the bottom.

You can tie a ribbon around the neck, or leave it in its birthday suit.

And ...

Well ...

That's it.

Painless, so long as you don't stick yourself with a pin.



Anonymous Kcoz said...

that look like something a little baby would love to cuddle look very soft.


September 26, 2010 at 6:55 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's hilarious.

September 27, 2010 at 8:16 AM 

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