Thursday, September 23, 2010

Questions and Answers


Dear Ittybit,

I know I seemed frustrated with you as you fidgeted in the dentist's chair.

How many times had the hygienist asked you to "keep your hands on your tummy?"

Too many to count. I ended up sitting by your side, holding your hands.

Just. Sit. Still.

Less. Talking.

More. Listening.

Words spoken over and over again, like a broken record.

When it was the dentist's turn to probe and poke, though, I have to admit an admiration for your brave and inquisitive ways.

As the dentist examined your teeth she dictated her findings to her assistant, who noted them on a computerized chart.

You listened as she recited numbers ... then letters ... and a declaration of healthy without comment.

However the word "erupted" concerned you when she noted it for the record.

"ERUPTED! What does that mean?"

"It means your tooth is growing in, honey," the dentist explained and continued on with the examination.

"Malocclusion? That sounds bad!"

"That just means your teeth are a little misaligned."

Some more words I don't even understand make their way to the computer, but don't compute with either of us.

I am relieved when she immediately asks for an explanation:

"Oh, that' just means you have a little freckle on your tooth. It's nothing to worry about."

It's so impressive to see a child of mine ask such questions. Especially since I find myself to be the deer in the headlights when it comes to such things.

I go to Dr. Google and make myself crazy. You go to the source and get immediate understanding.

I hope you never outgrow the bravery it takes to admit you don't know something. I hope you never grow into fearing the answers.

With love and savings for orthodontics,



Anonymous Kcoz said...

She’s an inquisitive one that Ittybit.

What I hate is when the Dentist asks me questions when my mouth is full of fingers and instruments….

September 23, 2010 at 12:17 PM 

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