Monday, September 20, 2010

Adoption clinic ...

Mama's got a brand new bag

Oh ...

Hello Kitty.

How sweetly you purr.

Witness my crazy: Our Ittybit's sewing machine has been broken since June when I *coughOVERTAXEDITcough* by making gazillion super capes for The Champ's birthday water slide party.

I promised Ittybit I'd replace it but agonized about tossing the machine.

Then, last week, I decided to bite the bullet and have it repaired.

Yet, before I even sent it back to the manufacturer, I impulse ordered the machine (phoned-in) above ... for no other reason than I am crazy.

Friday the new machine arrived.

And ... Oh. ... How I lurve the new machine. (Like a pet, that's how much ... Like I may NOT allow it to sleep in Ittybit's room, that's how much.)

Anyway ...

The projects are coming soon.

Please feel free to send me ideas. I have no idea what I'm doing, but we can learn together. *Or you could just laugh at how I translate your craftacular dares.*


Anonymous Kcoz said...

How about some custom sleeping bags for your little-ones? Annabel will be going to sleep-overs soon and the Champ will have to have one too. They are also great for the young-ins to snuggle up in when having the occasional back yard fire at night.

Soon they will be wanting to sleep out all night in the backyard as well so they will be of good use for years to come, and special to them. Be sure to make one side waterproof...

…Than you can sew a Tent


September 20, 2010 at 3:25 PM 

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