Friday, May 14, 2010

Who was that handsome, absorbing man?


Who's the most absorbing super hero ever?

It's not SpongeBob.

It's Bath Towel Man.

Stronger than a roll of two-ply bath tissue.

Faster than an open faucet.

Able to leap giant puddles with a single splash.

1 Bath towel
1 Hand towel (matching color)
2 Washcloths, (contrasting colors)
Loop and hook strips
Fabric scissors
Your kid's ability to suspend disbelief

A computer printout of a giant letter
Sewing machine
The ability to suspend disbelief

First I stared off into space for a very long time.
Then I looked online for instructions.
Finding none that matched my mind's snapshot, I resumed staring into space.

I got a really bad idea and ran with it:

*PIN your letter template to a washcloth and cut it out (I, of course, winged it).
*Next SEW the washcloth letter to the other washcloth with a straight stitch, and then zig-zag stitch all around the inside and outside edges of the letter.
*Then SEW the washcloth insignia to the bath towel. (Mine was all askew, you'll get it centered.)
*Take a hand towel and FOLD it over length-wise about two and a half inches and sew. (This will be the collar.).
* CUT the remainder of the hand towel away so you have a long strip.
* Take the bath towel and SPREAD it out over a table.
* LAY the hand towel piece about seven inches from the top.
* GATHER the bath towel in so that the ends of the hand towel piece extends slightly past the edges of the cape.
* SEW the hand towel to the bath towel
* AFFIX loop and hook strips to the "collar"

That's it. Put it on and you are ready to absorb water droplets everywhere.

superboy model



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