Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Craftacular pulls a rabbit out of its hat

bunny "finishished"

So here we are a couple-a few days away from Easter and The Bunny's assistant is running around like ... well ... a chocolate bunny with her head bitten off. (Doh! That would have been a better Craftacular Friday project that this one. Rats!)

I came up with this idea while I was in the drugstore, looking at candy. For some reason seeing all the chocolate rabbits lined up in rows, some in gold tinfoil, made me think of making a bunny ornament for our Christmas, January, Valentine, Leprechaun, Easter Tree.

As you may notice from the photo, the project is only "finish-ished." I need to do more work on the egg bit.

So here's what you need:

Felted sweaters (or craft felt)
Small scraps of fabric for ear elements.
Stuffing material (I used cotton balls I bought from the same drugstore where the idea came from because I never seem to be able to get to a craft store to by fiberfill.)
Some embroidery floss
A hankering for chocolate

*First I bought the dang chocolate rabbit and tried to draw its outline on a piece of paper to make a pattern. (I added feet because I think rabbits should have them). I also drew an egg shape and cut out both shapes.

*Next I ate the rabbit. (sorry kids).

*Cut out and pin your patterns to the fabric and make two of each shape.

*I sewed each set of shapes around the edges using a blanketstich. I started at the base of the bunny's neck and went around the lower body first then stopped at the top of the ears. Notice my fine craftsmanship. (Go ahead, scroll back up and look at the picture closely.) I swear I wasn't imbibing any adult beverages.

*Before I closer-on-up, I sewed on the ear elements with a few stitches and then a few more stitches for the eyes. (I don't recommend XXs ... unless the bunny's been in your garden).

*Stuffed with stuffing.

*Snipped a length of grosgrain ribbon, folded into a loop and inserted into the neck opening.

*Stitched it shut. (Use remaining cotton balls to mop your brow if you like.)

*Do the same kinda thing with the egg.

When I started the project I had envisioned two separate ornaments, but I think sewing the egg into the bunny's paws would be possible.

If you make this project I'd love to see your results, especially if you improvise.


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