Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Major Rock Star

First dental appointment: No fuss, no muss. Just 20 clean teeth.

... Ok .. there was a little muss.

The Champ has some surface decay on his front teeth, likely from night nursing. The doctor suggests we stop nursing cold turkey and gave us some medication to fortify the teeth.

I smiled and nodded. ... And died a little inside.

A part of me feels relieved that The Champ is FINALLY sleeping through the night and therefore nursing much less. But still. Died. Inside.

My baby. ... My last baby.

A baby who is also not interested in weaning.

She read my face. "Whenever you are ready as a family."

My daughter, the best parent of all, filled the doctor in a few minutes later when the topic had changed to orthodonture. (Yes, both kids will need braces.)

"She's not going to do it, you know."

"Do what, honey?"

"Stop nursing. She's not going to do it."


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