Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where are our priorities?

I saw this sign and laughed and laughed. ...

I know the erectors of this lovely little piece of alloy metal were saving this space for some shiny, new hybrid vehicle; a car that points to its owner and says: I am environmentally conscious. I am saving the planet.

But I parked there anyway.

I figure my somewhat economic, emissions-tested-and-approved car (which rolled off the assembly line during the second Bush administration) gets about a third less per tank full than a previous car of the same make and model that I owned during the Clinton administration. Not that I'm drawing any political conclusions, but I will say that the Clinton car got nearly the same mileage per gallon as its fraternal twin, the hybred model, that my mother-in-law bought three years ago.

I'm also factoring in the energy resources used to turn out the cars of the future -- since my car, being old and all, has probably already paid for its production hogishness.

I parked with a clear conscience.

Well, there was also the fact that the only other cars in the lot at the time were sport utility vehicles. But that's really beside the point.

I'm sure someone will eventually complain that my junkbox of a vehicle is taking up space reserved for their shiny new evironmental accessory.

But I'll just tell them people who REALLY care about the environment will ride their bikes. They can park in the bike rack right by the door.


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