Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random (three-part) Question Thursday

What a coincidence that National Delurking Day - one day per annum when bloggers around the country beg, plead and pester their silent readers into leaving some warm and fuzzy comments to bolster the stats - falls on my newly reinstated Random Question Thursdays - one of 52 days per year that I do the same.

So here it is, the random question of the week, now in three-part harmony:

If a movie were made of your life, what would be its plot, who would direct it and which actor would play you?

I'm thinking the movie about my life is really just a series of still photographs detailing every waking, sleeping (and sleep-waking) moment of a woman who only leaves the house to go to work, which, when put together in a slide-show format to music of Ace of Base, confuses and repels the four people who pay to see the production.

It is directed by a promising art student at a local community college, who opts to shoot it in black and white, and who ultimately gets a job as assistant manager at Starbucks.

Oh ... but get this: Mary Stuart Masterson plays me because my husband bumps into her at the Post Office (really happened) and when he finally tells me he met her there three weeks later (also really happened) I stake out the post office hoping to bump into her, too, (hasn't happened) and stammer some really embarrassing drivel about loving her in "Some Kind of Wonderful," (which may happen should I ever accidentally meet her at said post office). Cut to chase: She takes pity on me, thinks it will be quite a challenge to play the part of a stammering idiot and accepts the role.

Needless to say ... four people will demand thier money back at the box office.