Monday, January 4, 2010

One a day

You've seen this look before, right?

It is usually a warning.

Heed the warning and you might be safe.

Ignore it and you might be nursing some pretty deep wounds.

But sometimes a look like that isn't a warning at all. Sometimes it's just a moment caught in time and out of context.

That's how I'm starting my New Year's resolution (the one I didn't intend to make). I'm taking a picture a day for the next year.

I guess the idea is that in 365 days ... in 365 pictures ... my life will flash before my eyes.

I invite you to join in or follow along for the next 361 days.

I must say at least it should be worth a laugh. Who else starts out their year-long project by putting a *scarf on a cat*?

*It is for a good cause, though - OFA fundraising project.



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