Thursday, December 10, 2009

Have you met 'Mad Boy' yet?

left nap (and wedding) early

Well ...

He's nearly "Two Half" and ...

He's "mad at Mama."

He doesn't "Yike his daddy."

His sister "annoys" him.

In fact, there are more things that annoy him than don't:

"I not yike milk."

"I not yike cookies."

"I not yike dat."

"Dad is annoying me. I not yike him."

"I not yike that song."

"I not yike bekfast."

"I not yike socks."

"I not yike boots."

"I not yike my coat."

"I not yike your hair."

"I not yike you anymore."

... but of course ...

He's a big boy now. And he's asserting his independence.

"You gonna miss me when I go to super school."


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