Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random Question Thursday?

Yes, I know it's Wednesday but I'm feeling productive and working a day ahead ... not to mention tomorrow I will be too busy thinking about how I should be throwing crap our possessions into boxes so's Jed (et. al.) can toss said boxes into the truck and haul them over to the new house. ... Where, if all goes well, we will be LIVING! come Monday.

BUT ... since I don't really want to think about any of that, answer me this:

What's you're favorite ice cream flavor?

ME: I'm going to say Green Tea flavored; I've never seen it locally, but I had some once in D.C. at a Japanese restaurant with my aunt. And I must say ... Mmmmm mmm. Mmm. So good, I might have to try and make it myself.

JED: Anything with a chocolate base and candy-like boulders works for him. New York Superfudge Chunk ... Rocky Road ... you get the idea. Ben AND Jerry are his heroes.

ITTYBIT: Used to be Mint Chocolate Chip (or Oreo something-or-other at Ralph's Pretty Good Cafe) but now she's favoring Cookie Dough wherever she goes ... even in our kitchen as we bake.

THE CHAMP: Although a man of few words at the moment, he gets his vanilla desire across fairly plainly. Lately though -- and as a result of The Other Mom not believing he really wanted the Mint Chocolate Chip he asked for by pointing -- he's found his true bliss is a literal blast, after she chose "Fireworks," a vanilla-based flavor from Stewart's Shops that features Pop Rocks candies, for him instead.


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