Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The navel-gazing rhetorical question that *might* just break that camel's back

So ... when you've gotten the children breakfast, and you've washed the dishes from the night before, and you've gathered lunches, wiped counters and swept the floors (not to mention p*ssed off the husband by not caring what he gets done in the house while you are away ... so long as he gets the youngest child to put on clothes) ...

AND there are still 15 minutes before you have to battle your way to the car and the commute and work ...

So you sit down with your lukewarm coffee to watch your kids as they play ... and watch the Grinch Who Stole Christmas (Walter Matthau narrating) because they, unlike you, really can multi-task.

AND then your littlest one creeps around the corner of the chair that's facing yours, peeps his little scrunched-up face in your direction and crooks his finger as if he's waving at you with some imaginary puppet ...

You just look at his beamish little face and have to ask yourself ...

What *bleeping* JOB is worth missing this all day long?

And your brain snaps you back to sanity: The one that provides health insurance benefits.

And you can't help but hope that someone, anyone, you've elected to public office realizes the costs of doing nothing are just too high.

And they finally do something about it, even if it costs them the next election.

Often, doing the right thing hurts.


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