Thursday, May 7, 2009

Random Question Thursday

cinnamon sugar

What little something-something is sitting on a shelf in your kitchen that represents (or may actually be) a relic of your childhood?

Oh ... my kitchen has a bunch of things, oddly enough. But it's the cinnamon sugar that really seems to be a relic of childhood.

A few sprinkles on buttered toast ... a taste one seems to outgrow.

My mother keeps her blend of sugared spice a glass jar with shaker top in a cupboard above the stove.

Mine is tin with a handle and cute little toaster graphics, purchased a few years ago for too many dollars at a chi-chi coffee shop as I was waiting in line to order my large decaf, black, thankyouverymuch.

When I saw the yellow tin a clap of nostalgia thundered around me, forcing a stunning realization: We had a child but we didn't have any cinnamon sugar in our house.

Must. Be. Rectified.

So I handed over a ten-spot for my coffee and this tin (which was filled with the labeled spice blend) and it's been in our kitchen ever since, though not in heavy demand. Ittybit calls it shake sugar, and puts a sprinkle here and there on oatmeal or French toast.

Though, when I was cleaning up the other day I realized our tin could use a refill.

I hope The Champ hasn't found it usefull for filling the cracks in the floor.


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