Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rejection and redemption

this kid, this kid

Poor Jed. Whenever he arrives to pick up the children at the sitter's house Silas runs away screaming.

He doesn't want to leave.

Ordinarily, this wouldn't really be a problem. Ordinarily I would convince Jed that it's merely a testament of how well the kids are being cared for and how much fun they are having in our absence. Everyone knows how hard it is to change from one activity to another when you're still enjoying yourself.

But the same thing doesn't happen to my father when it's his turn to pick up the kids. When he arrives (usually early, too) the kids drop everything and practically claw each other to pieces trying to be the first to get into his arms.

Jed = Crushed.

"It's me. He hates me."

“He doesn't hate you. He just has some mad crush on papa."

So this morning, when the boy wanted nothing to do with his mama, and everything to do with his "DADA," I reminded him to savor the moment.

"See, he loves you. You just have to take it when you can get it."


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