Friday, July 15, 2011

For argument's sake

Scene: Morning Commute.

Cast of Characters: Ittybit, The Champ, A.M. Rider (Ittybit's BFF from way back to Kindergarten) and Yours Truly.

Destination: Various day camps.


ITTYBIT: MOM! Is that creepy crawly inside or outside.

YT: What? Where?

ITTYBIT: There, on the window.

YT: Oh, that's on the outside. Don't worry about it.

ITTYBIT: Don't worry! That green guy is hanging on like a crazy person. What if it gets in here?

YT: It won't get in here. I promise that is on the outside. See how the wind blows it around. ... Wow. That thing really is hanging on. ...

A.M. RIDER: What is that thing?

YT: It's the color of an aphid but it looks like a grasshopper. Maybe it's an adult aphid?

A.M. RIDER: Aren't aphids those tiny things that are really tasty snacks for Ladybugs?

YT: Yes. Yes. I don't know maybe it's just a mighty green grasshopper.

THE CHAMP: I frink its a squid. That's what it is, a squid.

A.M. RIDER: It's not a squid. They live in the water.

THE CHAMP: Not always.

ITTYBIT: Yes always!

THE CHAMP: Nuh, uh.

A.M. RIDER: Yes uh!

YT: What makes you think squid live out of water, bud?

THE CHAMP: Vector's squid launcher. Those squids weren't in water.

ITTYBIT: That's not real! That's a movie!

THE CHAMP: It is, too, real.

A.M. RIDER: Nuh uh!

ITTYBIT: Hey, where did the aphid/grasshopper/squid go?

YT: I let him inside. He wanted to hear this.



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